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Showman Shooter Triathlon

I did this race like 2 months ago, but hey, better a late review than never, right? Showman Shooter Triathlon The first thing that really stood out about this race were the weather conditions. I don’t know about where you … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event: RACE Rome Sprint Triathlon (Rome, Georgia) on October 2, 2011

The founding three members of the Triskrapers will convene on October 2, 2011, to compete in and, probably, dominate the R.A.C.E. Rome Sprint Triathlon. This was formerly known as the “Navigator Triathlon,” but the name was changed to eliminate any … Continue reading

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Best of Triskraper Triathlon Twitter: July

If you’re not already following us on twitter, we’re at @triskrapers. Here is a sampling of what you missed: Royal sister Pippa Middleton ran the relay portion in the GE Blenheim Triathlon. Pippa ran the 5k in 25 minutes, 30 … Continue reading

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Karaoke: Do’s and Don’ts for Triathletes adding a Fourth Sport

As you know, we’re more than a Swim/Bike/Run triathlon team. We add the little known  fourth sport of karaoke. As part of posting training tips for other events, we’d be remiss not to talk about how to shine on stage.  … Continue reading

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Cook Recreation Area at Percy Priest is a Great Open Water Practice Spot in Nashville, Tennessee

You’re not going to be ready for your first triathlon until you’ve practiced swimming in open water. No matter how many laps you can do, nothing prepares you for that random wave, mouthful of water, and the panic that hits … Continue reading

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Race Recap: 2011 Showman Shooter

As always, the race began early. And as always, not early enough to avoid the heat and humidity that are the trademarks of the Memphis triathlon circuit. If you don’t have a good sweat going by the time you’ve got … Continue reading

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Race Recap: 2011 Music City Triathlon

Today, the team competed in the 2011 Music City Triathlon, in Nashville, Tennessee. The results haven’t been posted yet, and based on the heat and the hilly course, I’m in no rush to see the numbers. Overall, it was a … Continue reading

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